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I am a LPN/LVN nurse and recent graduate from Mount Hood Community College in Portland Oregon and have recently relocated to the central coast with my partner of 10 years. I am seeking employment for is a career with people that are committed, passionate healthcare professionals. I am computer literate, organized and have a lot of drive (in a good, positive way) to be the best possible nurse, I can be for patients, family members and fellow staff members. In addition to a being a likeable personality, I am well versed in anatomy and physiology (took 5 courses with straight A’s), understand/communicate basic American Sign Language and have a great clinical and assessment skills. What makes me unique is my ability to pick up on subtle, health related cues and findings and reporting them. Somehow I have a knack for breaking down patient communication barriers and alleviating a lot of the uneasiness people have when they are feeling sick and vulnerable. All I know is that an informed patient is a happy one and really make a point to communicate pertinent health related topics in a friendly, matter of fact way while doing my job as a nurse. By simply being myself in an open, natural, honest way, I have found that better connections are made, health care is delivered more effectively and empathy and trust are better established. This element has proven to be a very effective tool in my nursing career. However, I am constantly learning, making new discoveries finding new ideas and inspiration. This has been the great motivator for me in moving forward with my career. Employment with you will allow me to continue on this path and hopefully open up more doors and possibilities along the way. A little bit about me; I have an artistic background. Prior to me becoming a LPN in Portland Oregon, I was a founding member of the Oakland based rock band, “The Phenomenauts,” Still being relatively young at 34, I feel I have had the experiences of several lifetimes. This in my opinion is something that often times lacks in new nurses and caregivers just starting out in their careers. I have always had the sense that life is a wild adventure and should be filled to the brim with new experiences. I look forward to share who I am as a person and healthcare professional. It is my hope to make a difference along the way for people in need. My thoughts are that in the end you’re health is all you’ve got. I am proud to have found a career that centers around promoting and maintaining this idea in order to live better quality of life for the longest time possible. To me this is the heart of the nursing process and beautiful thing. Well, I hope my letter has not been deleted or thrown in the wastebasket! I really do hope to get a chance for a face-to-face interview. You will find that I am a fast learner that is not afraid to ask questions; all I ask is the chance to start. Thank you for your consideration. Sincerely, Joe Janey LPN 503-484-3644

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